Fastaval 2015 – Distance

12 apr

I started my Thursday playing Distance by Morten Jæger. I was in the international group run by Simon, who had just learned shortly before that he was to run it in English. As a translator I know how difficult that is and I think he did great.

We started by getting comfortable being close to each other. One of the warm up-games was to stare each other in the eyes – a game where I forgot to blink and ended up with tears in my eyes. But it was important with being comfortable with the other players – after all we were to play couples.

In Distance there are three players, each playing the wife in one and husband in another of three couples. The men were soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, but the main characters were the wives back home, how they managed and how everything was changed when the men came back home.

I was a little nervous that the scenes with Skype-sex would be awkward, but they were supposed to be that and ended up being it in a proper amount. In general we played it in a mellow way –more mellow than it was supposed to be, as far as I can understand – which worked well with my preferences. I liked that we got an everyday drama with sudden explosions. I think the way the characters were divided between the players, was good – that in pairs of two we formed a couple, but also had the meetings between the women.

With Distance I had a great time. We had a good interaction between the characters and created a good story together.

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