Fastaval 2015 – And I lost my fangs…

12 apr

And now to something completely different… from the heavy mood in Distance, I moved directly to the room, where I was to run And I lost my fangs… by Cleo. It was the first time in many years I played a vampire-scenario, normally I tend to choose social-realist scenarios. But this scenario sounded so entertaining that I had to try it. And I wasn’t disappointed.

I got a group with four young boys, of which most had some years of experience, but there was also one participating in his first Fastaval and I really wanted to give them a great experience.

I had read the scenario before coming to Fastaval, but I literally had to run to make it to part of the GM-briefing, so I needed to find my head again. In a situation like this, it is awesome that Cleo had made a short introduction, where you can run it even if you have just gotten the scenario in your hand. So I could quickly get a good overview of it.

In the scenario the characters are famous vampires who have lost their fangs. They are having a session at Toothless Anonymous, where GM is the shrink, who is supposed to SNAL (Smile, Nod and Listen) a lot. Then we had some small games for them to get aware of their situation, accept it and bonding with each other.

There is a chance of big variation in the groups. The players can choose many different characters. In our group it was: Edward Cullen (Twilight), Claudia (Interview with a vampire), Count von Count (Sesame Street) and Vlad Dracula (The one and only). Other options include Selene (Underworld), Spike (Buffy) and many more.

I had a great experience as GM and often felt like laughing (but restrained thinking of how sorry I felt for the characters) and it is my impression the players did so as well. In fact that is what I heard – that pretty much everybody had a good experience in all groups, no matter their age and experience. So where there are some scenarios that have a high ceiling (the opportunity for an extraordinary experience), this is probably one of the scenarios I have played that has the highest floor – i.e. you are guaranteed a good experience.

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