Fastaval 2015

12 apr

I will write individual posts about my experiences, but start with a short general description of my Fastaval 2015. Since my Fastaval this year was more than 50% international, I will write the posts in English.

I was lucky to get a ride with Simon and Oliver from Århus to Hobro, thus getting in the mood with some roleplaying talks already on the way there.

I checked in, placed my stuff at the usual space in the sleeping-room (where Lennart had saved a spot for my ascetic sleeping pad next to his huge air matress), then went andsaid hello to those, who were already there and played a little bit of boardgame (Bohnanza).

Shortly after arriving, I had asked for the prints of scenarios. I was to GM four scenarios and even though,I had already done a quick readthrough of them, I always reread them shortly before I run them, so it stands clear in my memory. For this I prefer the printout, so I was a bit anxious when they weren’t all there and especially that the scenario I was to run Wednesday evening, Hope was the last thing in the box, wasn’t available yet.

From Wednesday to Friday afternoon, I had activities in every module, and I had underestimated how much energy that takes: especially Thursday where two of the games were some, I was supposed to GM. Because of that, I was quick to say that I would be ok not running the scenario, when too few players showed up, but when we were one player short, I ended up being a player instead.

Friday I got a lot  new energy from playing Deranged so decided standing in reserve line for the short scenario bloc afterwards. In the evening I finally had the chance to sit and enjoy a beer in the café, reading the last scenario I was GM’ing and talking with a handful of the wonderful people who are also a part of the Fastaval-experience.

Saturday I started the day GM’ing Grotesque and as a minor twist, ended up running it in English – I wasn’t prepared for that, but it ended out well, once we were past the difficult start. The rest of the day went with talks, beer and entertainment in the café. The burlesque/cabaret show was good, but mainly for the songs – no need to take off clothes, the singer had an enchanting voice.

Sunday was a day to sleep long. Toast for brunch. Observing a game of Hivemind (an interesting boardgame designed for Fastaval). Helping the café to rearrange. Helping Cherisse to find more translators. Then getting ready for the Otto-party.

The last few years, I have been sitting at the international table for the Otto-party translating and I was happy to do so again. I was also happy to see Jeppe and Maria win three Ottos for Deranged, my best experience this year and one of the best of all time. Shortly after the show I went to the café to my only watch this year and enjoyed the party.

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