Fastaval 2015 – Things that happen to other people

12 apr

Thursday evening I was exhausted. At the GM briefing I was quick to say that I’d gladly sit this one out, if we didn’t get enough players. The scenario was Things that happen to other people by Tor Kjetil Edland. He had done a lot of preparation, so I felt bad about not being in the mood for it. Tor brought alcohol-free wine and a warm broth for the scenario and had prepared a soundtrack.

We were one player short for two groups, so I volunteered to be the last player of the group. I let the others decide which role they wanted and ended up with the role as the overprotective mother, Anneka. The other roles were my son, my best friend and her brother.

In the scenario we were citizens in an unnamed country in civil war, where the main roles are people who decide to flee the country with small intermezzos as other roles observing from the outside.

The storyline is very interesting and I think it works with the undefined country that could in theory be here or anywhere. It makes you think and it makes you identify and sympathize with the characters. But I had trouble with my character, because if I stayed true to how the character was defined, I felt that it would be a brake for the game and the story – so I tried to back out of some of the scenes, so the others would get a better flow. The scenes were cut long and towards the end I was extremely tired, but otherwise I think the experience was fine.

The topic of the scenario lured me to sign up for it, but it is more storytelling than fits my taste – I don’t like the playbook and prefer scenarios where I can bleed, feel or laugh. So it was not the right choice for me, but I think that within the genre, it was a game that works well.


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